Simulation of the RECONASS 400kg TNT NEQ Explosive Test

November 13, 2019

On August 25, 2016 the RECONASS program conducted a 400 Kg TNT NEQ external blast test. The test was open to the public and attracted many stakeholders from civil protection agencies, building owners, defence agencies and experts in damage assessment.

The Reconstruction and REcovery Planning: Rapid and Continuously Updated COnstruction Damage, and Related Needs ASSessment (RECONASS) project creates a monitoring system for critical buildings that will provide a near-real time reliable and continuously updated assessment of the structural condition of the monitored building after a disaster. The system uses inputs from in-building sensors; accelerometers, local positioning tags, strain and temperature sensors and the assessment picture is complemented by oblique aerial photography of the damaged building and surrounding area.


Test Videos

RECONASS External Blast – Aerial view:

RECONASS External Blast – View from interior:

RECONASS External blast – point cloud view after the explosion:

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