ERDC Small-Scale High-Explosive Airblast Experiments

November 22, 2019

blastFoam is Synthetik's free and open source CFD airblast code available on GitHub: blastFoam is a solver for multi-component compressible flow with application to high-explosive detonation, explosive safety and airblast. blastFoam is developed by Synthetik Applied Technologies:

A program of small-scale, high-explosive airblast experiments was conducted in September 1997 at the U.S. Army Waterways Experiment Station (WES) Big Black Test Site near Vicksburg, MS, to evaluate the dynamic flow parameters produced by detonations in underground facilities. The program consisted of six explosive experiments using spherical C-4 explosive charges. Total pressures were measured at two locations within the vent pipe using a WES-designed, miniature total-pressure gage mount. The experimental program was coupled with hydrocode calculations that allowed a comprehensive analysis of the dynamic pressure environment and flow conditions in the model.

Synthetik simulated the test using the blastFoam CFD solver. Results compared well with the experimental data and CTH simulations as published in Joachim et. al.

See the video here:


Joachim, Charles E., Gordon W. McMahon, Christo V. Lunderman, and Sharon B. Garner. 1999. “Airblast Effects Research: Small-Scale Experiments and Calculations.” DTIC Document.

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